Trû.  adj.

Derived form true, meaning “agreeing with the facts : not false : real or genuine”. Trû describes something that is fundamentally rooted in authenticity, viewed without distortion or subjectivity, pure and unadulterated in its nature, honest in its presentation and beautifully perfect in its flaws.

Self.  noun

The personality, character, or essential being that makes a person different from other people : the combination of emotions, thoughts, feelings, etc., that make a person different from others.  The object of introspection.

The TrûSelf is the meridian of your existence, your soul as it would appear were it free from the low level thinking, mental constructs, and painful energy cycles in your life.  It is an enlightenment from the many brands of self inflicted suffering that weigh down your being, a release from the vows of lack and scarcity that oppress your joy, and an embrace of your wholly perfect nature, your unique connectivity that results in being completely loved & loving to yourself and all others.  Your Trûself is the realization of your highest presence, the witness of your thoughts, the feeler of your emotions.

Your TrûSelf is who you were intended to be by God & The Universe.

Here I’ll be writing about my journey to my TrûSelf, hoping to help you on your own journey. I believe that the cultivation of self has three fundamental aspects, which work together to raise our level of consciousness.

1. TrûAwake:  The Awakening

2. TrûGratitude:  The Thanks

3.  TrûLore:  The Story

The Awakening

The awakening of the soul, of the inner presence that we all possess, but which so often remains dormant for much if not all of our lives.  The act of becoming aware of our responsibility for and our power over the entirety of our experience.  A process that involved recognizing and accepting the negative energy constructs within your mind and present in your external life.

Awakening, literally, from unconscious living.

The Thanks

In all things, I believe there is room for gratitude.
True, sometimes the thank you is well hidden.  Silver linings are rarely obvious, but they are ever present.
Often, it’s a matter of perspective breadth.
One wouldn’t likely say “Thank you for my broken leg.”
One might rather say “Thank you for my wonderful wife, who I met when she was working as a nurse at the hospital where I went when I broke my leg.”
With the smorgasbord of glorious blessings in the lives of each living person, right down to our senses, our capacity for relationship, or the feeling of taking your socks off, there is no circumstance without a thank you.

The Story

Our stories are written moment to moment by us.  The stories of our lives contain a unique magic, holding life lessons learned, love shared, sights seen, experiences had.  The basis of our presence is derived from whence we came, and the way we tell our story in the now effects the path it takes as we move forward.
Our stories hold immense power, and must not be underestimated.

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