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Trû.  adj.

Derived form true, meaning “agreeing with the facts : not false : real or genuine”. Trû describes something that is fundamentally rooted in authenticity, viewed without distortion or subjectivity, pure and unadulterated in its nature, honest in its presentation and beautifully perfect in its flaws.

Living.  noun

The pursuit of a lifestyle of a specific type.

TrûLiving is living honestly and authentically.  It means meaningful relationships, abundant and meaningful work, a safe and prosperous home, & a sense of the glory of nature.

This is where I will write about my discovery of an authentic life. I believe that the cultivation of true living has three fundamental aspects, which work together to build a meaningful life.

1. TrûFamily:  The Community

2. TrûHome:  The Home

3.  TrûWild:  The Wild

The Community


The Home


The Wild


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