Trû.  adj.

Derived form true, meaning “agreeing with the facts : not false : real or genuine”. Trû describes something that is fundamentally rooted in authenticity, viewed without distortion or subjectivity, pure and unadulterated in its nature, honest in its presentation and beautifully perfect in its flaws.

Health.  noun

The state of being free from illness or injury.  The natural state of the body, the soul, and the mind.

TrûHealth is a physical and mental state where balance is achieved and homeostasis is maintained.  The body is allowed to thrive through natural cycles and instinctual care.  The body is nourished with real food, from real places, in reasonable quantities.  The body moves honestly, organically, and fluidly.  Sources of physical pain are met at their sources and solved at the deepest level possible.

This is where I will be writing about my process of developing and adopting a healthful lifestyle, where my body can thrive. I believe that the cultivation of a thriving body has three fundamental aspects, synergistically creating a holistic physical self.

1. TrûFood:  The Nourishment

2. TrûFit:  The Movement

3.  TrûRemedies:  The Healing

The Nourishment

Nourishment is among the basest of instincts.  It is intrinsic in the human psyche to seek nourishment by way of food and drink.  At the most fundamental levels, we know what our body craves and what it rejects, what heals it and what hampers it.  The food we eat very literally is the makeup of our bodies, the houses of our souls.  Our bodies, both incredibly resilient and dangerously fragile, will function in miraculous ways when given the proper fuels, and they will sputter and sicken when given the wrong ones.  Of all the factors of health, what we put in our mouths is among the most vital.

The Movement

The human body is designed to move.  It is meant to move often, quickly, slowly, in all directions, in all locales.  While very handy when applied to get from here to there, movement has far greater benefits in terms of feeling.  The freedom of running, the joy of dancing, the thrill of climbing, the embrace of swimming.  The body is sacred, and it was made with the art of movement in mind.

The Healing

In all things, a balance must be achieved.  To truly have health, there must be sickness, for the healing is an inherent and quintessential part of a truly healthy body.  Ailments are, most often, our body’s way of communicating its needs.  If we were to listen and to respond, we may find that we know how to heal ourselves.  The healing must be done at the lowest level possible, never covering symptoms for the sake of comfort, but rather seeking to heal at the root.

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