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A Servant Leadership Tale

The Monkeys & Their Great Work An Allegory About the Origins of Servant Leadership And of Its Evolution into Tyranny Once upon a time, there were two monkeys.  These two monkeys liked to do great work and great work was … Continue reading

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Self Esteem is Like A Pyramid

Once, a little girl asked her grandfather, “What is self esteem?” He replied “Self esteem is like a pyramid.  It’s something that takes a long time to build, but will stand up to just about anything if you build it right.” “What … Continue reading

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Redefining “Perfect”

Perfect is one of those words that is thrown around carelessly, misapplied liberally, and understood vaguely, with the result that most don’t have a good grasp of what it means. In our hyper-sexualized society, obsessed with perceived infallibility as we … Continue reading

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